Revelation Sin - GaleDragon (2023)

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revelation sin. Chapter 1.


gale dragon : Just a saltless story generated from my idea Sin Kids A/U on Tumblr. Enjoy this slightly sinful story~.


The Lord of Wrath, Satan, was sitting in a beautiful and comfortable chair in the hall of his main residence in the Ring of Wrath. They were reading an ancient book on medieval torture when the Lord of Lust entered, his high heels clicking on the sulfuric floor with each step, and placing a small sheaf of papers on a nearby table. The being of lust crossed his arms as Satan looked up from his book and asked, "Huh? What is this?" He gets up from his chair and looks at the top sheet of a small stack of documents.

The lord of lust, Asmodeus, responded with a nonchalant shrug, "A small human with two sausages on its head tried to call you, but accidentally caught me." They walked over to a very comfortable looking couch and added, "What it says on that paper is what she wants done, and before you ask, she's already made a blood sacrifice, so you can't refuse." The Lord of Lust then climbs onto the couch without looking back to take care of the whole situation.

Satan raised an eyebrow before looking at the blood contract payment section. He then exploded in irritation at what he was reading as he left in the same tone, "Cht! That's blood strong enough to evoke any kind of meaningful anger. What did this human victim do with so little blood?" He examined the document again to make sure he had read it correctly.

Asmodeus just looked at the other lord as they said, "A pidgin. Pretty small." The Lust Entity shrugged its shoulders slightly as it added, "Guess the little human didn't want a big mess to clean up. Too bad his need for cleanliness outweighed his need to invoke a sin." Asmodeus couldn't care less about the situation. It was a Blood Wrath contract, so it wasn't Lord of Lust's department. Therefore, the rotten entity had no interest in it. Though it did raise the question of how that bushy-haired human summoned the Lord of Lust for a Contract of Wrath...

Satan let out a low growl as he said, "Ugh!

Asmodeus let out a bored sigh as they said, "Well, they ARE humans. They're fun and fun to play with, but they're not the smartest." In this all the other Lords of Hell can agree with their particular sin.

Satan then looked at the application section of the document. He raised an eyebrow at what he was reading as he asked, "Is this what this little human wants done to his target? What the hell did it do..." He quickly scans the name written on the document before saying, "Mary -net people do to justify such animosity?" he gave to identify the target she wanted. The bluette image was crumbled and torn at the edge. Satan tried to soften the image a bit to get a better view, only to find that the subject didn't even look at whoever took the photo as they were sitting on a bench as if they didn't even know it was happening. In the photo it looks like the bluette is slapping what it saw, as its focus was on something that wasn't on camera. "Feh, that summoner couldn't even give us a decent picture of that target's face," thought Satan with a grimace. But at least the summoner gave him a lock of hair, which he discovered upon finding the target useful. I was more than the picture.

Asmodeus stretches out a bit before saying, "Since when do you care why people hate each other? The lord of lust can understand revenge sex and pathetic sex as a small branch between rage and lust, but anger was Satan's domain, not theirs.

Satan allowed himself to be ridiculed when he said, "I don't normally do this, but this man didn't pay much to have it done and they ask for a heaven full of angry things done to a person." of Wrath didn't care why people invoked wrath, but by the laws of heaven and hell there must be compensation for work. Hell, the payoff was blood. Therefore, there must be enough blood to cause any amount of sin to be invoked.

Asmodeus hummed a bit as they said, "Hmmm, I think that's a fair question given the circumstances..." Then they pull out a pocket watch and take a look at what's inside before saying, "Oh? fad is expired.” The Lord of Lust sits up and says, "She better have my pay ready for me to collect." So they touch the watch glass to get the information they need. . Asmodeus then says as they read the chosen one's whereabouts: "Ah~ she's in Paris~. *coos* I get to the wonderful things in town after work for fun~."

Satan looked at the other Lord of Hell when he asked, "Can I go with you?"

Asmodeus let out a strange hum when they asked, "Since when do you look after my lustful interests?"

Satan flinched as he blurted out, "I'm definitely not! This Mary-net lives in Paris! I think I'll look into what's going on between this human and this cheap customer! Honestly, do you have to think about sex all the time?

Asmodeus laughed before saying in a sly and practical tone as they got up from the sofa and walked towards the other Lord of Hell, "I was talking about checking out fashion, news and technology in Paris. Lust is more than sex, you you know~.” The lord of lust approaches Satan as they more seductively add, "I didn't think you were so perverted~."

Satan blushes before cringing in exasperation as he pushes the other hell lord away. "Keep your mouth shut! Just do what you want and I'll do mine when we get to Paris!

Asmodeus chuckles before saying, "Good for me~."

Satan snorted as he said, "And in case you've forgotten, Asmodeus, I must carefully review this contract because you supervised it! You know very well what it's like when other sinners make contracts that aren't theirs! And yet you accepted this contract!

Asmodeus grunted under his breath as they left. "Hmm, you're right about the interest, but believe me when I say I intended to refuse the contract. The little sausage-haired chosen one must have thought I was you when he made that contract.

Satan raised an eyebrow as he asked, "No offense Asmodeus, but how the hell can a human mistake you for me? We're hardly alike, and so you don't try to "spice up" meetings with the other Lords of Hell.

Asmodeus shrugged as they said, arms crossed, "Must be one of those people who don't do proper research. I mean, they shed the blood in the demonic circle BEFORE they called me! Every text in the human realm says that someone sheds the blood AFTER you have sworn off sin and come to terms with the amount of blood!”

"Oh!" explained Satan, realizing why the lord of lust accepted the contract because he knew everything needed to be investigated. The Lord of Wrath then said: "So that's not why you refused the contract, you couldn't because of that summoner's incompetence."

As Asmodeus said: "Right. And be grateful that these types of summoners don't appear very often." They nodded as they added, "Just do your research, then contract as much or as little as possible and forget about the inconveniences, when you get back. It shouldn't take long."

Satan shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly before saying, “It's true. I start with the goal. I just need to know why the illusionist thinks this Mary Net deserves such furious things. Who knows, maybe she'll be a good replacement for me.”

Asmodeus put the key in the lock, turned the key and pulled it out. Once they did, the door would glow before opening a portal to Earth, more specifically Paris. The Lord of Lust then said to the other Lord of Hell, "Good on my part. I just have to get Audrey's soul, the queen of style, and then I'll spend a few days exploring Paris to see what's new and fun~ .”

"You do your thing and I'll do mine," said Satan as he and Asmodeus walked through the portal.

~}i{ The next morning. Paris, France }i{~

A new chat group has been created .

Teenager-Hexerenamed the chat group to EMERGENCY!

Teenager-Hexe added Ladyblogger, Turntables, Sunshine, Rollersnake, Teddy Bear, Little Actress, Anything Possible, Max Overdrive, AI Bin I, LB Artist, Poison Ivy, Gothic Girlfriend, Fashion Baker, CN Writer, Kagami,EPull the heart strings.

Teenager-Hexe : PEOPLE!!! IT'S AN EMERGENCY!!!



Sun light : Sabrina, what's going on?

trendy baker : What happened?


Ladyblogger : Did you find out who Hawkmoth is?!

teddy bear : Is someone in the hotel in danger?!

artist LB : Is Chloe having a tantrum?

Everything is possible : Are you finally ready to come out of the closet?

Teenager-Hexe : No. No! NO! Which is?

Everything is possible : Uh, never mind!

Maximaler Overdrive : Sabrina, how about you take a few deep breaths and then tell us what happened.

i have i : With the right data, individuals can make informed decisions.

Teenager-Hexe : Damn it! I want to tell you! But!...

Teenager-Hexe : I don't think you would believe me if I told you!

Teenager-Hexe : It's better to show you as you tell yourself!

Teenager-Hexe : Everyone come to the hotel. You'll see what I mean when you come here...

Teenager-Hexe : Please... This isn't just for me and Chloe...

trendy baker : ... Let me finish helping my parents with this request and I'll go there.

Sun light Mission: Let me talk to Dad about Chloe's emergency, okay.

play records : Adrien, I'll take you out if your dad says no.

Sun light : But I still haven't asked him? How do you know he's going to say no?

play records : Call it a hunch.

kagami : I will join Nino in this endeavor.

play records : You are?

kagami : In fact. My mom said she can create a diversion for us to help Adrien escape.

Everything is possible Mission: Kagami, no offense, but your mother isn't as strict as Mr. Agreste and against rebellion?

kagami : She is, but unlike Agreste-san, my mom knows that one day I'll be an independent adult and have to make my own decisions in life. As such, she is more willing to give me more freedom as long as I learn well how to run her business.

kagami : So she taught me how the business works and how it's run. I've done enough for Mother's company. I am currently helping out in the finance department and learning a lot of interesting aspects related to money management. I plan to incorporate some of these practices into my lifestyle during the next grant period.

trendy baker : Oh cool! I learned that too when I helped out at the bakery. I learned about the budgetary aspects of running a bakery after my parents started to trust me more when helping out. These budgeting techniques came in handy when my parents funded my first big design project. I'll spare you all the details, but you get the point.

play records : Total dudettes! My mom taught me how to save my pocket money and these wholesome skills helped me DJ and film. You wouldn't believe how much goes into both hobbies, not just money.

Teenager-Hexe : Hmm, as interesting as this subject is... Are you coming to the hotel?

kagami : After Nino and I got Adrien.

play records : After Kagami and I got Adrien out of that stuffy mansion.

Sun light : You two can, let me ask dad first!

play records : Man, considering your recent actions... I'm sure your dad will say "no" and then something along the lines of "no need to worry about Chloe's immature antics". I mean, yes, Chloe had some not-so-lovely moments, but that's not really an excuse to ignore them. Especially when Sabrina created a chat group called "Emergency!" and then she started the conversation in capital letters. You know Sabrina doesn't get teased like that unless something is wrong.

Sun light : ... well remembered ... I'll try to tell my father that ...

CN-Author : I noticed that you used the word "try" instead of "will" in your text. Adrien, you don't think your father will listen to your concerns, do you?

Sun light : I'm sure if I explain, he'll let me go to the hotel. No outbreak.

i have i : This specific data appears to fall into the Doubtful and Concerning categories. It's admittedly a little disconcerting...

Ladyblogger : Meus pais tiveram os gêmeos hoje, mas prometi à minha irmã mais velha que passaria o dia com ela.

artist LB : Alya, if you spend time with her, can't you bring her to the hotel?

Ladyblogger Q: Oh... Uh, I guess, but what motivation would Nora have for going to Chloe's hotel?

Teenager-Hexe : The hotel staff who were here last night made a bunch of Audrey replicas to beat her up if it means anything.

goth girlfriend : Well, what happened has to do with the "worst mother ever", huh.

Teenager-Hexe : ... That would be an understatement ... But yes, the so-called queen of style is the reason for what is happening at the hotel right now.

Pull the heart string : Okay, I'm officially in. I'll bring some music to use while we beat these assholes. Are you coming

goth girlfriend : Let me put on the spiked boots and I am.

kagami : Okay, Mom, bring your katana. Do you mind if she comes too?

Teenager-Hexe : Umm... Actually, I think it might be a good thing, um, as long as the katana is only used in the Style Queen replicas.

kagami : Is it a terrible excuse that a human will be there?

kagami : Mother's words, but I agree with her opinion about this person.

Teenager-Hexe : Oh no. I don't know where she is and I honestly don't care! As long as she's separated from Chloe and her family.

kagami : So yes, the katana is only for the replicas. Just like mine.

Maximaler Overdrive : Sabrina, judging by the words you said in your last comment... Is what happened as bad as the "The only thing special about you is your mother" incident or worse?

Teenager-Hexe : … … … Umm … I guess it depends on how you look at it in the bigger picture? I mean... This new event has put a new spin on the "Extraordinary Incident" and depending on your opinion, it could make things even worse... I, uh, personally think what happened yesterday is much worse than the " Extraordinary Incident" because out of nowhere it went to Chloe, her father and the hotel staff...

Everything is possible : Max, I'll pick you and Markov up on the way to the hotel. I want to hit Chloe's supposed mother! Even if it's just a replica...

Maximaler Overdrive : Well, that's not what I expected to test Markov's new defense system. But don't complain.

i have i : I support the idea! I've been researching this queen of style and I can't understand how someone as awkward as she has become so well known in the fashion industry. I also know I don't understand the idea of ​​"fashionable" but her designs and reviews just didn't seem to make sense to me.

trendy baker : Oh yes, I remember Markov asking 3 weeks ago how things were "in". Admittedly, he specifically asked about the queen of style. His questions were reasonable and I tried to explain as best I could why there are people who suck in their personal lives but excel in their professional lives. Admittedly, I only liked the queen of style for her designs and fashion reviews, the rest of her not so much, especially after that "extraordinary incident", but when Markov asked his questions and pointed out a few things...

trendy baker : Well, I realized that the queen of style might not be such a great stylist and most of her criticisms made no sense in terms of design... I dropped everything to do with her tbh...

Everything is possible Mission: Ah, yes... You asked me to help with this. I was wondering why you're getting rid of her, but I figured it had to do with the fact that she can't even be considered a mother.

trendy baker : That too... Oh, and my parents are coming with some goodies! I told them that what Sabrina wrote implied that the style queen was worse than the "extraordinary incident", and they're about to beat her replicas with plasticizer!

roller snake ; Go straight to the hotel!

poisonous hera : I am on my way! With some honeysuckle flowers! To relax afterwards!

little actress : Ivan and I are going to the hotel while we write!

teddy bear : And we're bringing a new friend that we kind of like. Oh, Adrien, maybe you should avoid Mylene and me during the day.

(Video) This Is What REVELATION 12 | 12 Has Been Talking About All Along!

Sun light : Um, why?

teddy bear : Because our new friend is a Ravan and you're allergic to feathers.

Sun light : Oh! To the right! I forgot to tell you! I asked my doctor if I could get an allergy test done the last time I saw them and it turns out I'm not allergic to all feathers! Only pigeon, duck and geese feathers! So crows look good when I'm around!

little actress : Oh, good to know.

Sun light : Also, Kagami, your mother doesn't need to be a distraction. Just make sure you and Nino are on the west wall of the mansion, I'll meet you there.

kagami : Your father allowed you to go to the hotel?

Sun light : … just meet me at the west wall …

play records : I knew he would say no. The idiot!

Sun light : … … … E…

CN-Author : Nath and I are one block from the hotel. We'll be there soon.

artist LB : I wish we could defeat the true queen of style, but we'll stick with the aftershocks.

Ladyblogger : Okay, Nora and I are going to the rn hotel. All of Chloe's mother shit replicas totally won her over. Um, her words, not mine!

Ladyblogger : I didn't think Nora hated the style queen or even knew about her to be honest.

Teenager-Hexe : Wow, I knew you guys had a list of bad guys you'd want to kick your ass if given the chance, but I didn't know the queen of style was so high on the list.

play records : Shitty parents top the list. Hawkdick is obviously at the top of the list, with Chloe's so-called mother being number 2. Mr. Agreste is sitting at number 3. I know some of the classes have discussed this, but Chat Noir's father is number 4 on the list.

trendy baker : Bob Roth is 5th on the list, b4 ask Kitty Section. However, #4 and #5 tend to change depending on whether Chat Noir makes a bitter reference to his father during a Akuma fight or Ross does something that makes the news again.

Pull the heart strings : Oh, good to know. It's beautiful too!

artist LB : Was here! Do we have to tell the doorman we're here for Chloe or do we need a password?

Teenager-Hexe : Just tell him I asked you to come, he'll know why you're here. I'll go down to get them when they all get here. So I'll show you what's going on.

CN-Author : K. Did you all understand this?


Everyone in the chat nodded their heads before telling those not in the chat group what they needed to do before heading to their hotel.

~}i{ About 20 minutes later }i{~

Soon everyone from Miracuclass, Kagami and her mother, Marc, Marinette's parents, Nora/Anansi, Luka, Markov and a new crow friend were waiting for Sabrina in the hotel lobby. Everyone wondered what the orangette was trying to show them, which made Audrey even worse.

Sabrina walked into the lobby, still relatively taken aback by the large number of people who showed up, and just motioned for the group to follow her into one of the larger meeting rooms. The group followed with an odd mix of curiosity, concern, and a little excitement over the aftershocks' beating. Things were strangely quiet during this, mostly because no one was quite sure what to ask or say.

Soon they all entered the huge assembly hall. To her surprise, there were other people inside besides Chloe and Andre.

One of the strangers was a slender teenage girl with golden hair with noticeably shorter bangs and streaks dyed pink on the left side, the ends of which reached her shoulders and upper back. Her eyes are a bright blue shade and her eyebrows are honey colored. She has peach skin tone, coral red lips, and light freckles across the bridge of her nose and cheeks. She wears a black faux leather jacket, white blouse with pink, cyan and yellow honeycomb flower on the front, on her left wrist she also wears two brown bracelets with blue beads and a wide white bracelet with red and yellow pattern and black lining each and a bright and vibrant opal bonnet on the head and yellow pants. She wore a pair of custom-made shoes. Beside her was a man of medium height with hair the same color as the teenager, wearing a simple gray three-piece suit, silver watch, blue eyes and shiny black shoes. He gave the group a kind of official atmosphere.

The second teen was a man with spiky hair with honey streaks in the back, dark gray eyes, was slightly darker than Chloe, had pierced ears with two gold earrings in each ear, and wore a light blue blazer with studs over it. a sapphire blue. shirt, embroidered with red jewels on the helmets, wore a pair of popular jeans, elegantly ripped at the knees and ankles, and blue sneakers studded with multicolored jewel studs. Next to this teenager stood a man of striking resemblance, wearing a less formal two-piece tuxedo that looked more like a uniform, with what appeared to be reading glasses dangling from an eyeglass holder with metal beads around his neck.

The third teen was also a man with short, side-swept cocoa brown hair and green eyes, and he was wearing a casual forest-green blazer with small silhouettes of animals scattered across the fabric over a shirt with an eggshell-colored leaf print on it. it looked to be homespun pants with painted floral images and a pair of open-toed shoes. The man next to this teenager also had a similar appearance to him, but wore more formal clothes.

The last of the strangers was a blond man with green eyes in gray semi-formal clothes standing between two blond ten year old boys, also with green eyes. One of the twins wore a black shirt with white helmets and a caller, light gray pants with dark gray helmets, and light blue shoes with red accents. The other twin wore the same type of clothing as the other, but the colors were reversed.

The Miracuclass, the parents, Nora, Kagami, Markov, Luka and Marc were confused by the presence of these strangers. The men certainly didn't look familiar, but the teenagers beside them, for some strange reason, looked familiar. Rose was the one who asked, "Um, Sabrina... Who are these people?"

As soon as they heard the question, the strangers looked at each other awkwardly while Andre looked visibly uncomfortable and Chloe's whole body seemed to shake as she tried her hardest not to explode in any kind of emotion. The Dupont group analyzed…

What's going on here?

Tomoe Tsurugi slammed the ground with his katana as he demanded, "Someone better say something to explain the situation with that useless apology from a father. I won't hesitate to use my blade if one of you doesn't start talking. This gave the group strangers some motivation to talk. They made the basic introductions. The wheat-colored teenager's name was Zoe Lee and her father was Zachary Lee. The teenager with black hair with yellow streaks was named Joey Bell and his father was Victor Bell. brown-haired teenager was Donnie Rockkale and their father was Hector Rockkale And finally, the twins were named Edward and Elysia Fog, although they preferred to be called Eddie and Ellie after their father, Robert Fog.

Okay, now that you know who these people were, hopefully they can figure out why they're here.

The mayor of Paris took a deep breath before finally saying, "Uh, I guess to get the topic rolling..." He takes one look at the unidentified men before saying in a tone that reveals a mixture of disquiet, anger, and sadness. : pain and a hint of dismay: "These people are... Audrey's other families... and the children she had with them..."

The Dupont group was able to put the pieces together before Adrien almost jumped on his childhood friend when he excitedly said, "Chloe, you have siblings! Why didn't you tell me about this? We could have had so much more fun growing up!"

With that, Chloe let out a torrent of tears she'd been holding back. Adrien was confused by the outburst. He just wanted to know why the mayor's daughter never told him about her brothers, so why is she crying? Marinette noticed how the five people she now knows as Chloe's siblings started to comfort her sister before realizing they were doing the same and stopped because they didn't know what else to do. Andre was the one comforting her daughter, he didn't say the normal things he would say when Chloe was upset, he just stayed silent as he rubbed her back as she continued to cry.

"Wait a minute... wait a minute... wait a minute! Oh! Damn!", Marinette thought as she gathered her facts before asking, with a pretty obvious expression of shock, "Did any of the burgesses know about the other families?" about Audrey? And did these families know about each other?

The man in the three-piece suit, Zachary Lee, was the one who said in a reluctant tone, "What we heard from Andres and Chloe's reactions yesterday. No, none of them knew about us." He then looked at the other families and added, "And from what we found, we only knew 'other families' of Audrey's family in Paris, but she never told them about us. We certainly didn't know anything about each other."

Black-haired, yellow-streaked teenager Joey Bell was the one who said in a haughty tone, "The bitch should tell her Parisian family about all her other families, as per the legal agreement with our parents." One-piece suit Victor Bell only chided his son for using profanity in the presence of children, but did not dispute the comment.

The teen in the eco-inspired costume, Donnie Rockkale, explained, "Yesterday we were supposed to finally meet and supposedly move in with Mr. Andre and Chloe so we can be a nice blended family..." He looked at his dad, brothers and her siblings' parents, before adding: "Apparently we were all under the impression that... 'she' dealt her Parisian family all our cards... But it's now clear that 'she' just played- out..."

The group's teenager, Zoe Lee, then opened up about the whole thing, saying, "Dad and I were so excited to finally meet Bourgeois in person." turn smiled back, "The time Dad and I spent on the flight here that wasn't devoted to sleeping was basically talking about what we were planning to do with Andre and Chloe after we reunited in Paris!" Her face then pulled a grimace as she said, "I'm just thinking..." Zoe looked at the other families as she sincerely said, "My new little brothers and their parents know how we feel when we find out the truth about mommies." Discover actions... and intentions..."

Then Max finally asked, "Wait a minute, did the queen of style suddenly invite ALL of her other families to Paris under the guise of becoming a blended family with the bourgeoisie? Simultaneously and without telling them?" Upon receiving confirmation from the other four families, he then asked, in a tone that was an odd mixture of confusion and suspicion, "Why are you inviting everyone to Paris and revealing to her, um, fivefold life? That could open up a lot of trouble." potential legal and unfavorable consequences for your professional career..."

"She was trying to pass off her children as the payment she owes me," said an androgynous voice that swept over the area, along with a sudden sense of something with an unfathomable ominous aura. Everyone could only think that he was in danger! Tomoe and Kagami immediately swung their blades the moment they sensed the otherworld's presence, ready to fight any threat. As Marinette and Adrien practically prepared to transform into their hero personas on the spot, they didn't even consider keeping their identities a secret. At that moment, the voice said, "Oh, sorry, let me tone it down. None of you mortals can pass out before the climax~.”

With that, the aura dissolved greatly. Not enough that everyone feels safe, but enough that no one feels like they're going to die any minute.

That's when they noticed something that made them ask, "How the hell did I miss this?!" Standing at an impressive 260 cm, this androgynous-looking individual has a wild, fiery mane of cyan hair that no one has been able to figure out how long, neon green eyes that almost glow, and wore beautiful ocean blue lipstick and eye shadow, wore a two-piece suit semi-formal navy blue pieces with a feathered tailcoat that didn't help, that broad chest with the image of a white ram's head with the negative space for the eyes and on the left shoulder and a white bull's head with the negative space for the eyes. eyes and mouth on her right shoulder and wore a pair of dazzling neon blue high heels. Something about this person just screamed danger, yet it was strangely attractive. The creature in blue casually waved her hand, revealing that her fingernails were painted baby blue as she said, "Oh~ where are my manners~". and ruler of the ring of lust in hell.” The entity then returned to its full human size and added, "It's so ~nice to meet you all~." Then they said in a serious tone: "Although I wish they were under more satisfactory circumstances."

Tomoe was the one who asked as her blade pointed towards where she heard the Lord of Lust's voice, "Why is someone like you here? And why would you care if the situation happened?"

Asmodeus put an index finger to the side of their lips as they smiled as they said in an almost seductive manner, "Normally, it would be such a tempting invitation to point such a fun toy at me like that." Tomoe visibly stiffened, neither of them worrying about it used to hear such things and the fact that someone would dare to flirt with her while she was pointing a dangerous weapon at them. The sudden flirting made the others in the boardroom uncomfortable as well. Asmodeus snapped his fingers and the next thing anyone knew, the katana in the fencing master's hands disappeared into a haze of cyan mist. Much to her and the others' dismay. The bull and ram heads on the Lord of Lust's clothing seemed to smile at mortal reactions.

Just as Marinette and Adrien were about to scream to transform into their hero personas so they could defend everyone, Asmodeus matter-of-factly explained, "I'm not here to fight, nor am I in the mood for the usual sensational activities. Marinette felt Tikki subtly pulling the strap of her bag, signaling her to hold the morph, while Adrien felt Plagg typing Morse code into his chest and telling him not to morph. The heroes didn't like it, but if the kwami ​​told them not to do...

The Lord of Lust then said in the same tone, "I originally came to collect payment for the contract Audrey made with me." The bull and ram's heads now appeared to have serious looking mines. Mortals wondered if these images were somehow connected to the Lord of Lust's feelings. When asked what that phrase meant about Alya, Asmodeus, while throwing a few drops of seductive tone, explained: "To put it simply, Audrey hired me in a bloodlust agreement to become the most desirable stylist and fashion critic there is. You can do no wrong in this career in the world. It's not too difficult for me, but it was the pay that required a thorough discussion." The Lust Lord then proceeded to walk around the group of mortals as they explained, "The amount of blood she had was just enough to guarantee this for 10 years, so she sacrificed her soul for a decade and a half. I agreed. ” They then conjured up a sheet of paper that looked like a legal contract, with Audrey's signature clearly underneath. Asmodeus then continued: "According to the terms of the contract, we are to meet for 25 years and one day at the same place and time as the contract was made, and so Audrey loses her soul to me." The Lord of Lust then judged his attention to the mortals when they said seriously: "When I arrive at the place, I find 7 children. Six of them were Audrey's offspring. The youngest five argued over who were the "real" youngest siblings of their oldest brood. The younger ones didn't even realize they were related until I asked where Audrey was. I think all of your responses were like "What do you want with Mommy?" That certainly made things clear to me." They looked at all of Audrey's children and added in a serious tone, "She intended to use the children as her soul surrogates. How absolutely repulsive.

Ouch... oh... oh shit! Audrey was willing to sacrifice all of her children to the demon she made a deal with to save her skin and keep her career intact... ...That was a betrayal on so many levels...

The mortals looked sheepishly at Sabrina as she left, "I... I went with Chloe... We were supposed to meet the style queen for a special day at the spa..."

As Zoe said, "Mom told me the same thing... Said it would be a great way to bond with Chloe like sisters..."

Joey scoffed as he left, "Bitch told me she planned me and Chloe to go to a jewelry making event so we could have a brother sister day." "Joey! Tongue!" Victor scolded his son.

Donnie then said, "She told me she got Chloe and me spots on a Clothing Up cycling seminar for us to be siblings..." It was clear he was upset about the whole thing...

That's when Robert Fog said deadpan, "Looks like the queen of style made sure all her kids were there without having to be there herself." .

Asmodeus crossed his arms over his chest as they cocked their heads to the side, still saying in that serious tone, “As a being from Hell, I have to admire the insidious cunning of your plan. , more precisely, the "payment" for it. She basically "hurt" by not showing up as planned and not giving up her soul." They snapped their fingers again, but this time the contract disappeared in a flash of blue. Asmodeus then said, "Therefore, I have every right to withdraw what I gave her until I have her soul. As stipulated in the Bloodlust Contract." Asmodeus then explained when the bull and ram heads gave an annoyed look, "It's pretty clear that she doesn't care about her families, so I wouldn't hurt her if they got hurt. So I have no interest in taking any of her offspring or her children. partners.

That's when Tom asked, "Why are you telling us this?" While the baker was happy that he learned all of this and that Chloe and her families are safe from the evil lord of hell, he (and the other adults, to be honest) the fact that Asmodeus was so open about it...

Asmodeus' response was simple: "Audrey only seems to care about her career in fashion. Therefore, to 'hurt' Audrey in the most efficient way, I must publicly attack her to destroy her career. Very publicly, possibly in a big way." They crossed their arms and said, "Listen, I know I'm not going to harm any of the families that Audrey betrayed, but I'm sure everyone knows that there are some people who are going to attack them just because they have no idea that Audrey betrayed them. was leading, or to "get their side of the story" or even try to blame them." Asmodeus turned his attention to the Dupont group when they said, "However, adults already have a support system for these things..."

Max, just hiding behind Kim, summed it up when he coyly said, "R-r-right, the kids are new to P-Paris and they don't have anyone but the bourgeois and Chloe only has her dad and the hotel staff... Y-s- so they need a real support system... h-l-right?”

Asmodeus smiled, as did the bull and ram heads on his costume, when they said, "Exactly!" Then they looked at the group with critical eyes and said, "Oh yeah~you'll all be good for a support group~."

Why did that statement sound so seductive? … …. … Ah, right, it was the lord of lust who said that.

That's when Asmodeus finally noticed Marinette. 'Hmm? That's the target that petty and hairy sorcerer wanted to destroy... That must mean..." thought the lord of lust as they looked at people's door, started walking towards the new families, introduced themselves and saw Satan inside his human form who remains in the doorway.

Satan's human form was approximately 183 cm tall, had flaming red hair with orange and yellow highlights and dim lights that burned like flames, and wore red sunglasses perched on a broad but pointed nose. He wore a red suit and black pants, both with red buttons, but the suit had a pair of silver cufflinks in the shape of the letter "W". And he wore a pair of polished red formal shoes that gleamed in the hotel light. In the eyes of Asmodeus, the Lord of Wrath was transparent, meaning he was invisible to mortal eyes.

The Lord of Lust narrowed his eyes as he looked at the Lord of Wrath, who only bowed his head in response.

[So what are the chances of my target being part of this little "support group" for his target's children?] Satan communicated with the other Lord of Hell through his demonic connection.

Asmodeus tilted his head slightly as they replied: [It depends on the context, honestly. But one wonders about some things...]

Satan shrugged his shoulders when he said: [I'll let you know what I found out about this Mary-Net. But from the aura I get from her, she seems to get more praise than malice. You see, there are some negative traits I can vaguely pick up from her aura, but that's only because I was able to get close enough to feel them without them or their parents noticing me.]

Asmodeus raised an eyebrow in amusement as they said, [Okay ~so~. Have fun chasing the little human~]

Satan frowned before replying in exasperation, [I DIDN'T CHASE!! I'm just following her to find out if she's worth all those furious things the summoner wants!] He crossed his arms and added: [Although she deserves some wrath, there's not much I can do with her because the pay was hardly the least .]

Asmodeus shrugged slightly when they said: [Do what you can is the best advice I can give you.]

Satan nodded briefly as they responded, [Oh please, I just wanted to give her a nasty scratch no matter what I find out about her.]

[Fair enough, I suppose] Asmodeus replied before turning his attention back to the mortals. Satan just crossed his arms as he watched his target.

The Wrath Lord just watched as Marinette chatted with the others in the groups before they all left to beat up the Queen of Style replicas.


Lila smiled as she tossed a black garbage bag into her building's trash can. All traces of their little demonic ritual were gone.

The basement of the building where she and her mother normally lived was forbidden for teaching, so it was the perfect place for Lila to perform the ritual she found on the internet without being disturbed. She's already put the basement key back in place so no one will know she was there.

Although Lila was initially skeptical about the whole thing, it quickly became a real deal. It filled her with great joy that she now had a way to eliminate all threats to her Realm of Lies without having to do it herself! Although Lila was a little upset that "Satan" said it would be a while before he could do anything, he assured her that he would do whatever she wanted to make this good guy the best he could be. Lila didn't care, as long as she got what she wanted and wanted that annoying goody eliminated and made to suffer!

Lila returned to her comfortable assembly knowing that her biggest anger would no longer be an issue. "I should order some of my favorite food to celebrate," thought Lila as she picked up the phone with a smug smile. As she proposed, she thought with another smile, "I think I'll wait five days before I go back to school. Just so no one can blame me for what Satan is doing to this good."

~}i{ Later that night, with the two heroes }i{~

The two heroes sat on their respective beds in their respective homes as they questioned their respective kwamis about the literal embodiment of lust, who kept his word to only target Audrey and not touch any of the families she betrayed.

The kwami ​​of creation and destruction replied, "Although Asmodeus is a sin and a lord of hell, he always keeps his word. Which goes back to his habit of fulfilling contracts and agreements.

Both Marinette and Adrien responded with, "Really?"

The kwamis nodded as they said, "Ironic, I know, but out of all the seven lords of hell, Asmodeus is the best who's here handling all of this."

Plagg told Adrien that when the lord of lust does something he doesn't like, he just says "no". The blonde model was confused when the black kwami ​​explained that Asmodeus could be the lord of lust, but they prioritize the happiness of all parties, so they will give up their intentions if they hear the words "no" or "no." hear "stop". This made Adrien think about it.

Marinette noticed that Tikki kept looking out the window and asking what was going on. The red kwami ​​turned its big blue eyes towards the window as it said, "I don't know. I can still feel the remnants of Asmodeus' overwhelming aura, but..." His antenna shuddered before he finished. "I still feel a small amount of hellish aura in the background..."

Marinette was looking out the window as she said, "If we're talking about a Lord of Hell... then maybe we're just feeling the hotel's aura, probably by accident." She looked at the kwami ​​before adding, "Don't forget that the Miraculous makes us more aware wielders of magic, so I think we can sense auras a little easier too." Tikki had to agree with that logic.

Soon Marinette turned off the light and went to sleep. Satan walked out of the alley to get a better look at the window.

~}i{ Three days later }i{~

Satan took a bite of the raspberry croissant he got from his target's parent's bakery. He had to admit people made delicious baked goods. "You could execute Beelzebub for his blood crystals," thought the Lord of Wrath as he wrote in his notebook at a table in Dupain Cheng Bakery. Written in glyphs unrecognizable to mortals, though it was easy for them to pass it off as another language from another part of the world.

Satan put the croissant on the plate before leaning his elbow on the table and resting his chin in the palm of his hand as he reread what he had written. "I understand it's only been a few days since I started following this Mary-net, but I thought I'd find something about her that would give her some trouble... There's nothing about her that... Other than this crush on this blond man, but she looks good with the other suitors for him... Damn, I'll have to watch her for a while." He narrowed his eyes before looking up, just in time for Marinette to see it coming. The Lord of Wrath took the croissant to finish eating so he could finish his meal before following Bluette. Though he had to wait a while before he could, to avoid raising her parents' concerns. Satan could vaguely feel the residual emotion from the entire event three days ago. It's not his negative emotions department, but he can understand why those emotions persist despite the smiles on their faces.

When Marinette left for school, Satan nonchalantly carried the plate and cup to the return department with the notebook under his arm. He kindly thanked the Dupain-Cheng couple for the treats, leaving a generous tip (using the currency of the land of France) and then left the bakery. Satan then advanced on Dupont to reach his target. It wasn't long before Bluette was waiting at a crosswalk for the light to change.

This has been pretty much routine for the Wrathlord these past few days. Having a nice breakfast at the bakery while waiting for her target to go to school, he casually follows her to school, goes completely invisible before entering the school, spends the day at school with this redhead's class, or returns to the bakery to lunch or the cafeteria, stays in the background while Marinette hangs out with her friends, sometimes watches Marinette help her parents at the bakery, and finally watches Marinette through the window as she goes to bed. You see, Satan couldn't just enter the "abode" of mortals whenever he wanted, that would be "invading their lives", which is not allowed by the laws of heaven and hell. But he was fine with the window.

As he followed Marinette to the Dupont grounds, invisible to mortal eyes, of course, he rolled his eyes as the "school day" began.

"Hi, Alya," Satan sneered in his head when he saw the girl with manly hair appear.

Marinette smiled when she saw Alya. She then waved at her friend as she said, "Hi, Alya!"

Satan rolled his eyes as he sneered, "Hello girl, I'm glad to see you're back in time."

Alya smiled and waved back as she said to her friend, "Hi Gurl! Glad you were on time again."

Satan saw Nino passing by before sneering, "Hey, dudettes..."

Nino waved to the two girls as he left: "Yo, Dudettes!"

Satan followed the group to the school grounds when he thought angrily, "The teenager in the red cap will stay behind and wait for the blond boy that Mary-net is chasing... And the girls will be fine with that..."

(Video) THE BOOK OF REVELATION // Session 33: The Dragon's Final Assault Against the People of God

That's when Nino said, "You two go on, I'll wait for Adrien kay."

Alya smiled as she said, "Sure, let's say hello to him when he comes to class," she nudged Bluette as she added, "Right Marinette~".

Marinette got all flustered and flustered as she said, "Um, yeah! Naturally!"

Satan rolled his eyes as he followed the girls to school, not liking that he had memorized the whole prank. He noticed that Nino's smile disappeared the moment the girls walked away from him. Satan knew something was bothering the cold teen, but he didn't feel any anger at him, so it wasn't his problem.

It didn't take long for Nino to see the silver car stop. He was about to say hello when he saw the blonde model getting out of the car but heard through the closed door, "How the hell can you say such a thing?!" Nino paused in his action, not knowing who it was, practically yelling. Although it sounded a bit like Adrien... "Fuck! Do you or Dad understand what the hell happened to Chloe and Andre?! What are they going through and still going through?!" Nino looked at the driver's seat and saw that the gorilla had a worried face. The bodyguard looked towards the teenager in the red cap and saw Nino with a relatively shocked expression on his face. The gorilla gave the teenager a "" it's bad." The teen in the red hat then heard Adrien yell across the car, "FAKE?!?! HOW THE FUCK CAN YOU AND DAD THINK THAT!?!?”

"Uh-oh!" Nino thought as he quickly compiled the facts.

"YOU KNOW WHAT!! DADDY MIGHT JUST REGRET IT!!", Adrien snapped before opening the door and scowling out of the car.

“Adrien!” Nathalie exclaimed in an odd mix of shock, dismay, worry and confusion.

Nino's jaw dropped when he saw Adrien slam the car door, practically in the secretary's face. The normally laid-back teenager had never seen his friend so angry and it worried him. Mainly about his best friend wearing an akuma.

Adrien turned and saw Nino standing there with that look on his face. The blonde model now felt a little embarrassed as he said, "Hi, Nino... um, how much did you hear?" A few seconds later, the silver car pulled away.

Nino blinked a few times before shaking his head out of his trance and then saying, "Enough to know I don't need to ask what this is about." Adrien looked down at it. Nino nudged the blonde to follow him to school as he asked, "How are Chloe and her new siblings? Have they settled in well?"

Adrien looked down at the floor and said, "Well, the other families are settling in, but there's still some discomfort... And it turns out they've already booked the school... Zoe is a year younger than Chloe and was enrolled for school. Dupont school. I, uh, asked about this, Mr. Lee explained that he and Audrey planned to put their daughters in the same school. I mean, he technically did the work for it and sent it in two weeks ago... However, Zoe will be in Ms. Mendeleev's class... Joey is 13 and Donnie is 12, so they will be enrolled at Jr High near the hotel... The twins are 10, so Mr. Fog and Andre are looking for another school nearby elementary school, as their original plans for the school fell through..."

Nino's lips tightened into a tight line as he said, "Wow, looks like they planned it all out when they moved here..." He then looked down as they walked up the stairs and added, "Which also means that Audrey does too planned..." Adrien mumbled "Yes..." Nino then said as they entered the school, "You...didn't mention how Chloe handles it."

Adrien didn't say anything, just took the phone out of his pocket, unlocked it, rolled it a little and handed it to Nino. The teenager in the red cap raised an eyebrow at this, but picked up the phone and looked at what was open. It felt like a group chat between Adrien, Chloe, and Sabrina. The blonde seemed to have gone back to the beginning of the last conversation.

}{ Group chat on phone }{

A : Chlo, are you feeling well enough to go back to school? Or should Sabrina and I tell Mrs. Bustier that you are still...

C : … the father already called the school …

C : It is not me…

C : Exactly ready to... Get back into the rhythm of school soon...

S : Still in progress?

C : ...Yes... In more ways than one...

A : You can explain? So we can understand something better.

C : I can try…

C : Well, you all know that my, uh, "little brothers" knew about me and not about each other, right?

S : Yes, because Audrey was legally married to Andre, who is a very public figure.

A : Guerra?

S : Yes… André filed the legal divorce papers yesterday. I doubt anyone who has followed the news would deny these papers... It wasn't too hard, but now there will be a custody court hearing about parental custody of Chloe and her younger sister...

C : I don't know why they care, she won't show up. And it's not just because that demon will be there to steal her soul when she shows up...

S : It is a legal procedure that they must guarantee the care and well-being of minors … Even if they already know the result …

A : That sounds… Complicated… And somehow sad…

C : Somehow... But back to the story...

C : Basically, my younger brothers only knew about me because Dad and I are both public figures and we were married to Dad, so there was no way that person could hide us from them... So it kind of...

C : Well, she told her parents that she and Dad had an open marriage. Which Dad absolutely DID NOT know. But with my younger brothers...

C : *sigh* She basically "tailored" me to suit my younger siblings' interests... Told them I was like a super tall protégé or something in their area of ​​interest who lives in Paris!

C : She... She managed to make me look like the perfect big sister to them!

A : And... And they... told you that?

C : No... They started to say something but didn't finish, as if they weren't sure whether to keep saying or asking, so I asked their parents... The parents were able to answer some questions Dad and I had... I can't believe that bitch seduced her like that! And more importantly, how did she…she never told us about them! Like all this time! Daddy and I just thought she was traveling for her career!

S : I see... If Audrey lied to the families that you and Andre knew about them... They were wondering what other lies she told... And your new siblings aren't sure how to ask you without their feelings to hurt , right?

C :...Yeah...I...I can't blame them...All their lives they've looked up to me, which I honestly don't care, but then I learned I didn't know they existed through the set of Audrey, they were willing to joke around being sacrificed to me without a second thought...

C : I think they're going through the same thing I am... And we're still... processing the whole thing... Forget Audrey and what she was trying to do to us! We're still thinking about how overnight our family practically quadrupled! We now have five parents and six children! I have no idea how we are all supposed to do this! I also have no idea how to be a big sister! And Daddy only had me! He doesn't know how to take care of/raise multiple children at the same time!

A : Oops! I think I understand the big picture!

S : I agree... On a positive note, Asmodeus, um, keeps his word to keep you and your family safe from harm... Idk what pronouns to use with Asmodeus...

A : Um, let's stick with They/Them until Asmodeus confirms something.

}{ Back with Nino }{

"Dude..." Nino grumbled as he handed the phone back to its owner. He then added: "I knew it would take some time to process everything... I think it will take longer because five families are learning to get along with each other... As well as finding out about the families you don't know." I didn't know it existed...” Nino couldn't imagine having to go through this alone.

Adrien sighed as he said in a haggard voice, "Yeah... And how did you hear... Daddy doesn't exactly think the so-called 'style queen' could do something like that..." Then he scoffed, adding a bit of tone. angry: "But the 'style queen' who tells Chloe the only thing 'out of the ordinary' about her is that her mother is perfectly fine with him!"

Nino was a little worried about Adrien's behavior. He'd never seen the blonde model so openly angry and upset…disappointed and a little upset, yes. Totally angry and very upset, no... It worried Nino that his sidekick might be akumatized, but that's when he noticed a red caterpillar-like creature, the size of an adult's hand, resting on Adrien's other shoulder. The red-haired teen quickly rubbed his eyes just to make sure he wasn't seeing it.

"What is wrong?" Adrien asked his best friend when he saw this.

Nino looked at the strange creature on the blonde's shoulder and asked, "Uh, I, uh, I think you have something..." He gestured to the caterpillar-like creature, who raised its head in response.

Adrien looked at the caterpillar on his shoulder as he explained, "Oh, that... um, it's kind of Asmodeu's way of neutralizing Hawkmoth's emotional sensor, which he uses to sharpen negative emotions to akumatize people... uh, from what Asmodeus explained, it feeds on anger, despair, guilt, jealousy... It basically "eats" emotions before Hawkmoth can capture them. Every member of Chloe's family in the hotel has some... Wait! can you see that?"

Nino was confused by the question as he responded, "Um, man, it's a little hard to get wrong once you realize..." After a few seconds of awkward silence, the red-haired teen recognized the answer by the caterpillar-like creature. "So basically we don't have to worry about these little guys with Hawkdick targeting one of them?" Nino asked in an uncertain tone. Adrien nodded in response. That's when the teenager in the red cap asked as they entered the classroom, "And do you have a why?"

Suddenly, they heard a sharp sigh. The two teenagers turned to see Mrs. Bustier in a state of panic, shock and despair. Meanwhile, I stared at the red caterpillar-like creature on Adrien's shoulder. Then the rest of the class noticed the creature...

Adrien quickly realized that his entire class could see the creature as he said, "But... Asmodeus said that 'Wrathflies' cannot be seen by ordinary mortals. So how is it that everyone here can see it?" His father Nathalie and his bodyguard couldn't see the Wrathfly, so he knew the Lord of Lust was telling the truth.

Ivan couldn't help but say, "Well... Um, I don't think any of us are technically 'mortal'. Unless Asmodeus' definition of 'average' is different from our definition of the word..." A Whole class agreed as there was some logic.

Mylene was the one who asked, "Are you... sure you're around us?" Adrien quickly repeated what Asmodeus told him that the Wrathfly was quite harmless in the mortal realm and its threat level was with a normal caterpillar and later comparable to a butterfly. Mylene rose from her seat to get a closer look at the little creature from hell. The colorful haired girl placed her hand on her chin before saying, "It looks like a swallowtail caterpillar, but with a red tint."

Alya pulled out her phone to take a photo, but quickly noticed that the fly didn't appear on her phone's camera. The blogger was quick to comment: "Looks like 'ordinary mortals' aren't the only ones who can't see that little thing. The cameras don't see them either." She pointed at the phone as Markov flew in to investigate.

The AI ​​cocked its head and said, "Strange? I can see that Wrathfly clearly... Does that mean I'm not also classified as a 'common mortal'?"

Max smiled slightly as he said, "Markov, I don't think a sophisticated artificial intelligence can be considered 'average' at all." This AI seemed to accept this logic.

At that point, Nino asked his question again and Adrien explained that he got one because Asmodeus decided to try some fashion shots for mortals and decided to work with his father's company to further mock the former queen of style. Adrien then admitted that the Lord of Lust sensed his conflicted feelings and gave him a Wrathfly to aid him. "So they gave you one because you're super upset about the whole 'family' thing with Chloe?" Nino asked, now understanding what he had learned. Adrien nodded in response.

Miss Bustier let out a nervous giggle as she said, "Oh, uh, I'm glad this Asmodeus is helping, uh, you, Chloe and your new family through this... er, difficult time." The teacher wasn't sure what to do in a situation like this, both because of the hellish bug and what Chloe was going through. Miss Bustier then explained that they had to go back to class.

Satan remained unseen in the doorway as he looked at the bug outside his ring. "Oh, that's why Ozzie wanted this. Oh right, this emotional terrorist is based here in Paris, so the Wrathflies would be a great counter to him... Sometimes I forget that Ozzie does research...' O Wrath Lord thought before turning his attention to his target. He raised an eyebrow as he realised, "Huh? Why do I feel... No, it can't be!"

Satan tried to focus on his target, but suddenly an akuma alarm went off. This prompted students to check the alarm. When the Lord of Wrath clicked his tongue in annoyance, the teacher immediately switched to Super Teacher mode and launched the school's Akuma attack protocol.

When that happened, Satan noticed that Marinette managed to slip away from the group unnoticed before silently walking away. 'Oh?', the Wrath Lord thought as he continued to follow him and finally saw something interesting with the target. He also noticed the blond boy sneaking around, but he wasn't the Lord of Hell's problem.

Satan followed Bluette into the ladies' room when he finally saw the source of the magic he had felt before.

Tikki flew out of Marinette's bag as she said, "We have to act fast this time!" When Bluette asked why and if it was a strong akuma, Tikki replied, "No, I just don't want the akuma to accidentally hit the bad one." Asmodeus device side. At the end of the day, you are still a Lord of Hell.” Marinette agreed, quickly transforming into Ladybug and then rushing off to deal with the Akuma.

Satan crossed his arms as he thought, “Okay. It changes everything.”

~}i{ Meanwhile }i{~

Something didn't seem right for Asmodeus... During the two days they were "working" with Gabriel Brand, let alone facing Audrey, they noticed some disturbing signs in the son of Agreste...

For starters, Adrien Agreste was a CHILD!! Asmodeus and nearly all of his subordinates originally thought that the young blonde model was a cool adult with a rather youthful appearance, but when they found out that Adrien Agreste was 16 years old, the Lord of Lust immediately summoned the Acting Guardian of the Ring of Lust. to remove the model's skin from the list of "Celebrity skins approved for use in roleplaying games".

Asmodeus may have been the lord of lust, but they had standards! Children should NEVER be sexually touched! Ever! At least not by anyone under his rule! Working with a child in the fashion world, where millions tend to lust after others... Yes, the Lord of Lust didn't like that... Made it a little worse because Adrien was the main model.

But the part Asmodeus didn't get was the fact that Adrien himself HAS NO REAL DESIRE to model! It deeply angered the Lord of Lust that this child's biological father was forcing him to do something he absolutely did not want to do. Asmodeus could easily see that the child was just modeling to make his father happy, but that only increased the "desire" to a certain extent, and it wasn't the tastiest lust. Not the worst but it was hardly tasty.

On the 2nd day of "work" with Gabriel, Asmodeus laid down the law, so to speak. The Lord of Lust refused to allow Adrien to model in any of the photo shoots they were working on until Adrien could answer with absolute honesty: "Is modeling what you want to do? If not, then what do you really want? to do?"

Adrien continued by replying that he wanted to model, but Asmodeus could speak any lie, which was an advantage of being the lord of lust. And they knew the kid wasn't being honest, even if he didn't realize it. Yes, there was a lot of confusion from Gabriel's team, mainly because they were worried about the boss. However, Asmodeus silenced these employees when they said in a matter-of-fact tone: " Adrien has no real desire, nor does he really want to be here, and the one thing he will never do is force someone to do something they don't want to do!"

It got people thinking...

Adrien tried to explain to Asmodeus that he was fine with modeling. However, the Lord of Lust told the blonde in a rather serious tone, "It's only 'nice' if you really want to do it."

"I make!" Adrien replied, not understanding why the Demon Lord seemed so adamant about not letting him do the job his father wanted.

Asmodeus crossed his arms over his chest and sincerely asked, "Is this really what you want or is this what your father wants you to do?"

Well, THAT got Adrien in trouble. Asmodeus seemed to know the truth and knew when someone was lying. This meant that if Adrien said he "wanted" to be a model or that his father didn't make him model, Asmodeus would know he was lying. But if he admitted that his father made him a role model, even if Adrien didn't really care, it would put his father in a bad light and make him unhappy! Maybe Gabriel will pull him out of school again!

Asmodeus felt the emotions emanating from the child and didn't like how much of it was negative. So the Lord of Lust gave the boy a Wrathfly to protect him from being taken advantage of by that Hawkmoth character.

But the lord of lust still felt that something was wrong...

}{ Approximately 30 minutes after Akuma's warning and one minute after Akuma is defeated }{

Sitting in an empty photo studio that Gabriel Brand used for interior shots, Asmodeus used his powers to mimic her interaction with Adrien. More specifically, going through the emotions that the child was radiating.





And a hint of despair.

Asmodeus narrowed his eyes at this, the image of the bull and ram in his costume reflecting the lord's mood. A child feeling these feelings because his parents displease him can only mean one thing, and the Lord of Lust didn't like him at all.

Yes, Asmodeus had a soft spot for children. IT IS NOT THE PEDOPHILE WAY (1)! It was more like, "Oh, you're a baby! Let me be your parent while I help you find suitable guardians to take care of you" or in an "OMG, I have to protect innocent children!" Absent. The other Lords of Hell teased the Lord of Lust about it, but they knew better to leave it as a taunt.

Now Asmodeus was preparing a letter for his investigation team to investigate Mr. Agreste and Adrien. They made a point of writing that they needed to consider what the child's emotional needs are in order to find a suitable guardian for the child.

Asmodeus tapped their chins with the sky blue pen as he thought, "Maybe I need to bring some of my workers in for some photo shoots too, and I know I need to call my informants I have at this TV station." Just to make sure they hold the end of the barge.

The next thing the lord knew of Asmodeus, Chat Noir suddenly appeared. He landed effortlessly before sighing in relief. Black Cat's hero didn't see the Lord of Lust sitting nearby when he said, "Plagg, Claws In." Asmodeus covered his mouth in shock as they watched the retransformation and saw Adrien Agreste standing there where Chat Noir was.

Adrien sighed again as he told the black kwami, "Plagg... Do you think Akuma was right?"

Plagg's tail twitched in irritation as he snapped, "Boy! That Akuma was trying to get you! And Ladybug said you and she are partners! Not to mention she said you get to pick the next temporary hero."

That made Adrien smile.

"Gee, that was an interesting sight~" Asmodeus said with a smile, letting the hero know they were there. The bull and ram heads reflected the smile. Adrien and Plagg half jumped before turning their heads in the direction of where the Lord of Lust was sitting. Asmodeus gave the two a playful smile as they waved and said, "Hi~Plaggy~. I see you've found a support ~suitable for you~.

Plagg waved back awkwardly as he said in an uncertain tone, "Uh, hello, thanks for taking care of my son." Adrien looked scared to death that one of the Lords of Hell would find out he was talking noir.

Asmodeus crossed his arms as they said in a fun and serious tone, "Well, I can say that it certainly changes things~."

}i{ at the same time }i{

Marinette was worried as she walked back to the bakery. Her mother's text message was the main reason for this. When she stopped in traffic, she took her cell phone out of her pocket and read the message again.

"Marinette, you have to come home immediately! Something important has come up and you need to be here so we can discuss it as a family."

Marinette's mind immediately ran through worst case scenarios! Hawkmoth found out that she was Ladybug and tried to get to her through her parents! The bakery is on fire! One of her parents was seriously injured!

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Tikki quickly and calmly assured its wielder that all would be well. Of course, her parents probably just wanted to talk to her about her grades or the excuses she had to use to run away and become a ladybug again. Marinette managed to calm down when she arrived at the bakery. The building was up, which already reassured Bluette, but there was a closed sign on the door. Marinette blinked in confusion. It was odd that the closing sign was on the bakery at this time of day.

Marinette used her keys to open the door to enter, then closed the door behind her and locked it again in case it was a family gathering. She was walking into the living area of ​​the residence when she called out, "Mom, Dad, are you here?"

"In the living room, dear." Sabine called from the corner. She looked uncomfortable for some reason.

Marinette cautiously walked into the living room, where her mother and father were waiting for her, as well as a man in red sitting in one of the upholstered chairs. Bluette looked at the man as she thought, "Huh? This is the customer who walked into the bakery the other day... why is he here?"

This man in red smiled and gave Marinette a quick wave as he said, "Hello, little ladybug keeper. And hello Tikki, it's been so long."

Before Marinette says, "Oh shit! How does he know that?!" she thought Tikki from her bag as the red kwami ​​angrily snapped, "Satan! What are you doing here?!" Bluette has never seen the red kwami ​​so angry.

The Dupain-Cheng family immediately asked, "Satan?"

The man in red was quite nonchalant as he said, "Yes, I am Satan, the lord of wrath and ruler of the ring of wrath in Hell." He then produced a small cloud of flames from his hands to quickly prove that he was who he said he was. Not enough to set off the fire alarm, but enough to show it was real.

Tikki was still angry when she snapped, "You didn't answer my question! Why! Are! You! Here!" It was more than obvious that she wasn't thrilled at all to have the Wrath Lord around.

Satan raised his hand to silently tell the kwami, "Wait a minute", and then Marinette's parents checked into Tikki. He also made them realize that the Lord of Wrath called his daughter "the ladybug keeper" and it all fell into place.

"Marino! Are you ladybug!?" Both Tom and Sabine exclaimed in complete shock upon realizing that their daughter was one of the heroes protecting Paris.

Marinette froze in shock at the fact that a lord of hell was practically revealing his identity to her parents. However, it was better for her parents to find out than for Hawkmoth.

The next thing Marinette knew, her parents enveloped her in a familiar hug as Tom said, "Oh dear, why didn't you tell us you were a ladybug? We would have eased the lack of activities here and at school if we'd known about it. ”

Sabine then said, "We could have helped you with alibis with your friends and we could have helped you with your studies."

Tikki flew over to Tom and Sabine as she explained, "It was the Guardians' rule preventing her from telling you guys about her superhero life... Something I told her she had to abide by." it was just to protect her from anyone who wanted the Ladybug Miraculous!" Now that her owner's parents knew this truth, there was no point in hiding it, but it would be better to explain it to her as best as possible.

Marinette ducked as she said, "I'm sorry I didn't tell you... I wanted, but I didn't want Hawkmoth to attack you..."

Tom put his hand on his daughter's shoulder while Sabine put her hand on the other shoulder as the taller baker said, "Marinette, we understand. Being a hero is hard, but you don't have to do it alone. You've got the other heroes, Chat Noir, and now you have us to help you in your efforts.”

Marinette smiled before pulling her parents into a group hug. Tikki flew up to the three of them and hugged her owner's cheek, making Tom and Sabine laugh with this adorable photo.

Satan coughed audibly to get the attention of the Dupain-Cheng family. Once he got it, he politely said, "Now that this irritating information is out of the way, I'd like to work on some consensus stuff."

Tikki quickly glared at the Wrath Lord as she said in a tone of annoyance and anger, "We don't want anything to do with you!" Marinette was still surprised by this sudden anger from the normally cheerful and happy kwami. This made Bluette wonder what happened in the past to make Tikki so hostile to the Wrath Lord...

Satan let out a sigh as he said, "I am aware of this, Tikki. However, I have something to do with its owner.” Tom and Sabine immediately went into protective parental mode. Satan was quick to say, "That I'm willing to deal with her and her family." The Wrath Lord knew that fathers can be a force to be reckoned with and he wanted to avoid that for the moment.

Tikki crossed her arms as she flew towards the Lord of Wrath while sternly asking, "And what kind of business are you asking?"

Satan was silent as he casually tossed a semi-translucent blood-red crystal rock, slightly larger than a clove of garlic, onto the small table between the couch and chairs. The Dupain-Cheng family and the kwami ​​stared at the shiny thing for a few seconds before Satan finally said, "A summoner wanted me to do so many nasty things to Mary-net that I didn't even bother to tell you. He then pointed to the crystal and added, "But that's all the chosen one paid for, so I can't do everything they wanted me to do."

Tikki looked back and forth between the crystal and Satan as she asked in confusion, "Can little be accepted as payment for a sin?"

Satan sighed as he said, "Unfortunately, the Chosen One botched the ritual for a Blood Wrath Contract. It happened just before Asmodeus had to come to Paris to fetch this fashionista's soul, if you want to know when that contract was made."

Sabine picked up the blood-red crystal and looked at it as she asked wearily, "And what is it that counts as 'payment' for your... sins?"

Satan matter-of-factly explained: “It is a crystal of blood. They are created from mortal blood, whether human or animal, for contracted ritual invocations. It is currency for us beings from hell.” Sabine immediately dropped the crystal when she heard it was made of blood.

Tikki raised an eyebrow in confusion as she asked, "How badly did this summoner 'mess' the Blood Wrath contract if a single crystal of blood was accepted as payment?"

Marinette and Tom asked what the kwami ​​and the lord of hell were talking about. Tikki was quick to explain the laws of heaven and hell, mostly how things work as payment for summoning a sin or an angel. For Hell, the blood exchanged for sins becomes blood crystals, which are used as currency in Hell.

Sabine clapped her hands as she said, "Oh well, when you beings from Hell are summoned to Earth to commit your particular sin, you are given blood, which is converted into blood crystals and then circulated as money in Hell."

Satan nodded as he said, “Basically. But remember, we can only do what's agreed or what's paid." He pointed to the blood crystal on the table as he added, "The summoner who wanted Mary-net "very much" didn't pay much, so there's no not much I can do other than possibly inflict a nasty look on the scratch."

That's when Tikki asked, "I'll ask again, if a single crystal of blood was accepted as payment, how badly was the contract damaged?"

Satan sneered as he said, "The summoner put together the Blood Wrath contract by spilling the blood in the ritual circle before summoning and somehow summoned Asmodeus instead of me." The Lord of Wrath crossed his arms in irritation as he added, "I had to check this out because another Sin was reluctantly overseeing the Treaty of Wrath. And as the blood was spilled before the enchantment, Asmodeus had no choice but to accept the contract, despite the small payment.

Tikki explained to the Dupain-Chengs that the summon for a contract with an infernal being must be summoned first, to find an agreement on the amount of blood for what the summoner wishes to do, and then the blood is poured into the Ritual Circle. once agreement has been reached to seal the deal.

Sabine couldn't help but say in a strange tone, "I suppose we were lucky that the summoner didn't execute the contract properly..."

Satan shrugged his shoulders when he said, “In a way, you did. But since Mary-net is the current owner of the Ladybug Miraculous, if I had started to do the damage before confirming this fact, I would have been in trouble with a certain angel whose name is not mentioned.” Tikki couldn't help but laugh at the word "certain angel". Satan placed his hand on his chin and said thoughtfully, "I don't think the summoner was aware of the holder's status, as the focus of his anger seemed to be solely on Mary-net. But aside from her Miraculous Holder status and her interest in that blond boy in your class, I honestly don't see any reason why this summoner would think you deserve all the damage she wants to do to you."

"Uh," the ladybug guardian managed to say before saying, "It's Marinette, and, uh, is that good?"

Satan shrugged his shoulders as he said, "Normally I wouldn't mind, as you mortals can be quite stingy for many reasons. However, since this summoner was asking a lot but barely paying the minimum, I had to at least find out why was there so much hate this time." The Lord of Wrath scoffed, adding, "Furthermore, I was so angry at the request so much the impression that Marinette would have made a good subordinate. That is obviously not the case."

The Dupain-chengs looked at each other a little uncertainly when they heard this admission. Tikki wasn't that surprised. The kwami ​​then asked, "So what are you going to do? You still have to honor the contract despite the absolute minimum pay, but if you hurt Marinette you're in trouble with You-Know-Who."

That's when Satan said, "Here's this 'consensual agreement' that needs to be negotiated." He looked at Marinette's parents and added, "And since Marinette is a child, I needed her parents to be aware of the whole situation. I'm sorry, Tikki."

Tikki crossed her short arms as she huffed, "Okay, now that you've explained it, I'm not that mad at you. Although I'm still mad that you ditched Marinette Holder status out of nowhere, at least it was just her parents."

Satan shrugged his shoulders as he said, "Okay."

Soon after, the Lord of Wrath began negotiations with the Dupain-chengs and the kwami.

~}i{ Later in the night }i{~

Chloe looked over at the Wrathfly that was sleeping at the end of her bed. While she wasn't exactly thrilled about having to let that disgusting thing crawl all over her, she was very aware that it was the only thing stopping Hawkmoth from akumatizing her, her father, her siblings, and her parents...

Chloe pulled her legs to her chest and wrapped her arms around them as she thought, "Brothers..."

She still couldn't believe she was a big sister after all this time... Well technically she was a big sister all along and she just didn't know it until recently... Chloe knew she wasn't the nicest person was and still is the school bully, but that doesn't mean she can't be a good sister, right? Or that she would be just as bad a sister? Her younger brothers held her in high regard before meeting her, but now that they knew that was a lie, would they still like her? Or would it be a disappointment for them too?

Suddenly, Chloe's phone rang, snapping her out of her spiral of negative thoughts.

The blonde checked her phone to see who it was.

}{ SMS on Chloe's phone }{

Unknown number : Hey Chloe, this is Nino.

Unknown number : I asked Adrien for his number...

Unknown number : I thought about... Ask yourself if you'd like some advice on how to be a big brother.

Unknown number : I spoke with Alya and her big sister Anansi and they are willing to help you get used to being a big sister too.

}{ Com Chloe }{

Chloe stared at the message for a while before replying asking whoever was on the other end of the message to prove it was Nino by answering the question she sent.

}{ SMS on Chloe's phone }{

Unknown number : Sailor Moon.

Unknown number : I understand why you're skeptical, especially after what happened, but was this question the best way to prove I'm Nino?

}{ Com Chloe }{

The mayor's daughter sighed in relief before saving the number and texting her reply.

}{ SMS on Chloe's phone }{

Chloé : Well, other than me and Sabrina, you would be the only other person who would know about THIS particular fact. Not even Felix knows about it.

Nino : Um, okay... Uh, I'm willing to go along with that, only if you don't mention Adrien's dick of a cousin if you can help it.

Chloé : Wow, did he make such a bad impression on you after meeting him just once?

Nino : Adrien didn't tell you what happened when that dick came to visit you?

Chloé : Well, I know what I'm going to ask Adrikins the next time I see him...

Chloé : Also... Were you serious about giving me advice on how to be a big brother?

Nino : Yes, it was me.

Nino : Alya and Anansi will also be happy to advise you. While I'm not sure her advice will work for you as an individual, it might work for you and your siblings as a whole.

Chloé : Oh yeah... Alya has two younger twin sisters and Anansi is her older sister, right?

Nino : Yes, you are correct!

Nino : Oh, I want you to know that Anansi is one of those protective big brothers, so I think most of her advice will lean more towards that mindset.

Nino : Not sure if it's going to be her thing or not, but it wouldn't hurt to keep some of what she says in mind for the future. Just in case you can use this advice differently.

Chloé : I guess it wouldn't hurt to know...

Chloé : And... Thanks... for, uh, looking for me...

Nino : No problem, and try to remember that you don't have to be "the perfect brother" or "the perfect daughter", you just need to show that you care.

Nino : You may also have some disagreements or arguments with your siblings, but don't stress this too much, it's normal for siblings to disagree/argue. This is how you find out what works and what doesn't, but make sure you talk to them after an argument/disagreement. However, wait a while for all parties to cool down a bit before talking to them about the fight, so as not to start another fight.

Chloé : Thank you for that. I am serious...

Nino : With pleasure, and if you need help, you can ask. Not just me, Alya and Anansi, you have our class.

}{ Com Chloe }{

Chloe looked at the screen with a small smile.


On the roof of the hotel, Asmodeus rested in the moonlight as they knitted a section of a quilt while humming a happy tune. The bull and ram heads on the costume smiled happily.

"You seem in good spirits, Ozzie," stated Satan as he landed silently on the roof before walking over to the other Lord of Hell.

Asmodeus looked up from his knitting and said with a smile, "Find Plaggy and his new owner. Nice kid, but he's showing signs of emotional neglect."

Satan frowned as he snorted, “Really? Don't you have a soul to gather?"

Asmodeus raised an eyebrow in amusement, and the bull and ram heads followed suit as they grinned and said, "Ooo, looks like someone learned something nasty."

Satan snarled as he sat beside the Lord of Lust as he sneered, "Now that you've found Plagg and her new guardian, you should know that I've found Tikki and her new guardian." Asmodeus made a "Next"-Move as they saw "I have more to say, but I don't want to talk about it" on each other's face. The Lord of Wrath snarls before saying, "I happen to be targeting Tikki's new guardian!"

"Oh!" Asmodeus left in a tone of relative surprise. His costumed bull and ram heads now had a shocked expression. They then had an "oh boy" expression on their face, followed by the bull and ram heads as they said, "This must be an awkward meeting... Is Tikki still mad at you about Joan?"

Satan looked like he had swallowed a lemon whole when he said, "She didn't say that, but it was clear she did." He ran a hand through his hair in annoyance as he snarled, "That was over 300 years ago and her support wasn't even my goal! Those stupid people got involved and burned the wrong soldier! And Tikki is still mad about it!"

Asmodeus sighed as they placed their knitwear in his lap and said, "Well, do you remember that Joan was also a favorite of..."

"Don't say that name!" Satan snapped angrily, nearly dropping his human form.

Asmodeus rolled his eyes as they went back to knitting and said with a sigh, "You see where I'm getting at."

Satan scoffed before saying, “Yes, yes, I know. Joan is why it's mandatory to research the target and sometimes the summoner so that shit doesn't happen again." The Lord of Wrath crossed his arms as he snarled, "Even if it wasn't my fault..."

Asmodeus gave the others a sideways look as they said, "Unfortunately, since the whole incident boiled down to the Blood Wrath contract you had at the time, it's technically considered your fault."

Satan let out a sigh as he rubbed his temples as he finally said, "Maybe I should have kept an eye on the people I used then... But here and now I make sure the contract is fulfilled without a hitch." will keep that holder.”

Asmodeus raised an eyebrow, bull and ram heads mimicking the emotion as they asked, "Are you talking about the Blood Wrath contract that was barely paid and to which I was called?"

Satan nodded as they said, "Yes, I managed to come to terms with Marinette and her parents about the 'wrath' I will inflict. I mean, as much as I can do for a single blood crystal anyway.

Asmodeus continued to knit when they said, "Ah, so you stay to make sure your actions are done to the letter and then you go back to Hell." Then they inspected the quilt department before saying, "It's nice to know you plan things out."

"Hey!" Satan left in anger. He huffed before leaving, "I may not be as thorough as you are when it comes to making plans, but I don't start a contract without a basic plan!" That's when the Lord of Wrath finally realized what the other was doing and asked, "What are you doing?" Asmodeus happily showed the Wrath Lord the quilt section, with the bull and ram's head grinning happily. The moment Satan saw the image on the quilt section, he immediately blushed and quickly looked away from the rather graphic display as he stammered, "Oh, for God's sake! How could you do that shit so casually!?"

Asmodeus raised an eyebrow in amusement as they smugly asked, "Oh~? How can you bear torture so easily?"

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Satan was about to respond, but realized that the other was right and reluctantly said, "Fine, touch." Asmodeus smiled proudly, with the bull and ram heads on the costume mimicking the same smile before finishing his knitting as the Wrath Lord sighed angrily. Satan then said in a slightly more serious tone, "From what I've learned from watching Tikki's support... Honestly, there's nothing about her that could get anyone into trouble, even that romantic interest in that blonde boy in her class." okay the others. Heck, she's friends with her romantic rivals."

Asmodeus thought about this for a while before asking, "Hm, I know Wrath is your thing and I know what it takes, but isn't it kind of weird to hate someone who's literally done nothing wrong?"

Satan nodded his head as he said, "From what you heard from the magician, she was pretty sure she hated Marinette. Correct?"

Asmodeus put the knitting back in his lap to concentrate on his memory. After about a minute, they finally said, "Absolutely. She wanted "this well-well" to suffer a lot. She never gave a reason for it. And she got very angry when I told her that there was nothing "me" could do. could do right away, but I reassured her that "I'd do what I could".

Satan snorted as he said, "You mean me, right."

Asmodeus looked at the other Lord of Hell as they said, "Yes, but I told you. The summoner thought I was you, even though I didn't look like you when she summoned me."

Satan grumbled, "But how the hell did she manage to fulfill the summons so badly? Not just spilling the blood in the circle before summoning..." He waved his hand which caused a bit of mist to appear, 7 different summoning circles appeared suddenly at the top of the mist, and then Satan slammed into two of the circles as he said, "Wrath and Lust Summoning Circles have completely different designs, so how can a human modify one to invoke Lust for a Blood Wrath Contract? "

Asmodeus leaned in a little before asking, "Do you want me to give you a picture of this summoner so you can send someone over to examine her properly? Just a picture of her face, nothing "other" if that's what you're into. worried."

Satan crossed his arms as the fog of images cleared before saying, "I'll send someone over to get the image as soon as you're done." He looked at his fellow Lord of Hell and added, "Something isn't right with this whole thing. And I'm not just talking about the Miraculous involvement."

"Hmm?" Both Asmodeus and Satan were talking in a loud voice when they both noticed a glowing red swallow-tailed creature flying towards them.

"Huh? How did one of the Wrathflies grow so quickly? I just distributed them," Asmodeus explained as the adult Wrathfly landed happily on Satan's outstretched hand. The moment the Wrathfly touched the Lord of Wrath, its master felt the negative emotions which he was feeding.

“How can the father ignore all these facts?” “Does the father care what happens? Or does he not care?" "Dad broke his promise to me again... Why am I bothering at this point?" "Ugh, I have to do a session with Lila in three days. I don't want to work with her, she's too clingy! always touch me Dad doesn't read the complaints my colleagues send him? Or listen to me when I tell him that?” “Dad went back on his word… I wanted to go out with my friends today…” “Why do I even bother asking Dad to let me do things? He hardly keeps his word to me lately...' 'Does Dad know he's making me feel like he doesn't care? As if I wasn't even his son...' 'Why can't the father behave like one! I miss Mom too, but it's getting harder and harder to keep Dad happy... And he can't even be bothered to spend real father-son time with me..."

"My goodness, you fed yourself some daddy issues," commented Satan before the rage fly moved to land on one of its master's shoulders.

Asmodeus frowned at the bull and ram heads that followed him as they angrily said, "Well, this fly of rage is the one I gave to Adrien, Plagg's guardian. It looks like I made the right decision to start an investigation into this one. supposed father... I should also give him another cholera fly larva.”

"Hmm," was all Satan could manage as he crossed his arms, thinking there was more to it than that.

~}i{ The next morning }i{~

"Hey Nino, how are you?" Kim asked Nino as they walked to school with Marinette as they agreed today. The tall teen noticed an annoyed look on the normally relaxed teen's face and was worried about something.

Nino snorted as he said, "Adrien texted me a few minutes ago, his dad is letting him do a photo shoot early in the morning... He's going to miss his first two classes..."

Marinette raised an eyebrow as she asked, "Wait a minute, didn't Mr. Agreste force Adrien into a last minute photo shoot yesterday?"

Kim scratched his head as he asked, "Hm, didn't Mr. Agreste promise Adrien that he would have the day off to hang out with us? I ignore Akuma's attack."

Nino frowned as he said, "And before that and before that and the reversal of his word to let Adrien attend the Art Expo with us... Mr. Agreste's word doesn't mean shit! He went back on every promise he made did to Adrien for almost a month!”

Kim had a worried look on her face before looking at Marinette as she said, "Mari, I know you like the guy's designs, but that's pretty worrying behavior for a parent."

Marinette's poster tilted slightly as a reluctant look came over her face as she said, "After the whole queen of style thing... I'm... kind of less inclined to just put people I like on pedestals... She sighed before saying, "So I'm much more willing to think Mr. Agreste is a bad parent than you think... Obviously not as bad as the style queen, but top of the list..." The boys sympathized with her a little. Marinette sighed again as she said, "Maybe Kagami can talk to your mom about doing something to get Adrien into a healthier home, or Anarka can find a way to legally kidnap him."

When the three reached the school grounds, they saw Tsurugi's car pulling up. Kagami got out of the car and said something to her mother before closing the door, the car drove away and Kagami walked towards the trio with a wave. "Greetings, how is everyone doing so far?" the Japanese student asked the three when she got close enough to ask.

Kim and Nino gave their answer with a smile while Marinette couldn't even fake a smile, which didn't go unnoticed by the others asking what was going on. To which the baker's daughter reluctantly explains the "unexpected visitor" at the bakery, leaving out the parts about Tikki and her being a ladybug.

Nino waved his hand in shock as he left in dismay. "Wait! Are you telling me that Satan came just to tell you that someone wanted you to suffer?!"

Kim then added in the same tone, "And it's just a means of negotiation because whoever 'hired' them didn't pay enough for what they wanted?!"

Kagami had a relatively surprised look on his face before he finally said, "Who do I have to stab?"

Marinette brushed it off as she said, "I don't know who, uh, 'hired' Satan or why they did it, but from what he's told me and my parents... He couldn't find anything on me." " and was just willing to talk about what he was supposed to do for the, uh, "payment" he was getting from whoever hired him..."

Kim put her hands on her hips and said, "You know, if it weren't for the fact that this kind of shit happened recently and all that other magical stuff, I'd think you made it all up. I mean, Mari, nobody hates you enough to summon a demon to make you suffer.” Marinette, Nino and Kagami took one look at the tall teenager.

Nino turned his attention to Marinette when he asked, "So what did the guy want to do about this 'payment' thing?" They then entered the school building.

Marinette shrugged as they headed towards the classrooms as she said, "Well, from what he explained... He didn't receive the amount necessary to incite 'significant anger'". I think he barely got even the bare minimum." She thought about the judgment before saying, "To put it simply, the 'payment' he would get would be half a load of cookies, which would either be burned, or I get an ugly looking scratch." Marinette glared to Nino, Kim and Kagami as she said, "It was really easy to pick which ones."

}i{ At the bakery }i{

Six badly burned macaroons were thrown into a bin with an overflow.

Satan clapped his hands as he said, “Perfect.” He then took a contract from his inside pocket and touched the surface of the paper. The letters lit up slightly before the paper disappeared. Satan smiled as he said, "The Blood Wrath contract has been fulfilled as far as pay will allow, so my work here is officially done."

Tom narrowed his eyes at the Wrath Lord as he sternly said, "Good."

Satan downplayed the man's tone as he said while holding up a finger, "Just one more thing before I go."

Sabine was the one who asked suspiciously, "And would that be?"

"I would like to buy a box of raspberry cookies, a box of raspberry croissants and a box of raspberry cake, please," said Satan, smiling happily. As if he didn't do anything that was considered evil among humans. Satan then said, “This is for me to eat when I go back to Hell. Your products are very delicious.

Tom and Sabine blinked a few times before looking at each other, neither of them sure how to process that comment.


Marinette then added, "From what he explained, whoever 'hired' him got the subpoena and payment mixed up. I guess it was just luck on my part and he seems to like the baked goods my parents make.

Kim scratched her head as she said, "Maybe it was a mistaken identity too? I don't know anyone who would hate you enough to do that. You're too cute to make enemies."

Kagami raised an eyebrow at the tall teenager's response before saying, "I'll have my blade ready in case there really is anyone who doesn't like Marinette enough to do something like that."

Marinette smiled tiredly as she patted Kagami on the shoulder as she said, "I appreciate the idea, but let's wait for the proof of intent before we remove the blades. Okay?" Kagami nodded in understanding before breaking away from the group to go to his classroom.

Nino placed his hand on Marinette's shoulder as he asked, "Are you sure you're okay? I mean, first the Chloe thing, and now your awkward encounter with..."

Marinette shrugged as she said, "I don't know what to think, to be honest... Maybe I just need some time to let the information sink in..." As they entered Ms. Bustier, Bluette added: "On the other hand, we don't need to take care of him anymore."

"Negotiate with whom?" Alya asked from her seat upon seeing them and hearing them enter.

Kim quickly said with a nonchalant shrug, "Oh, she was talking about a super picky customer with a huge order of cakes. Lots of 'Not this' and 'Not that', which made it a little difficult to find a good cake to she." He then looked at Marinette and added with a smile, "Glad you were a returning customer." Bluette gave a curt nod as they headed to their assigned tables.

It would have been a nice morning if Lila hadn't come in with a cheery "Good ~morning~ everyone". Literally. The class greeted Lila back, mostly in an uncertain tone. Liar Liar happily accepted the greeting with a smile until she opened her eyes to find Marinette looking at her with a "What the hell is wrong with you?" in her face. Lila then thought in shock: "What the hell?! Why is she still here?! And not in excruciating pain?!?!'

Alya raised a concerned brow at the Italian girl's sudden change of heart when she asked, "Lila, are you okay? You look like you just saw a ghost.

Lila thought quickly before saying with a squeak, "Oh! I just thought I saw a giant bug on the back wall!" Everyone in the room immediately turned to the back wall to see what the Italian student was saying, some with fear on their faces. Lila took the opportunity to allow herself to display a powerful frown on her face. She was officially pissed that Satan had done this. everything she wanted with this good guy! "Grr! I'll have to summon that demon to remind him to do what I want!” Lila thought angrily, before quickly putting a worried look on her face as she saw Miss Bustier's class start to turn around as if to say there was nothing. The liar quickly spun, "Oh, the side effects of my cataract treatment should be noticeable. Don't worry, it's only temporary.”

The class accepted this somewhat, some more easily than others, as Lila walked quickly to her designated spot without further ado.

Marinette knew that Lila was lying yet again, but she couldn't understand what the liar was actually seeing that would evoke that reaction. At least not right away. At that moment, she felt her cell phone vibrate, letting her know that she had received a text message. Marinette picked up her cell phone to see the message.

}{ Three Bs-Chatgruppe }{

muscles : Hey Mari, call me crazy but I think Lila was looking at you like she saw a ghost.

Brain : Oh, well, I wasn't the only one who thought that...

beauty : You two... Do you think so?

muscles : I know she looked at you when your mood changed... which is kind of weird to be honest...

Brain : Yes, I agree with Kim.

beauty : Your mood swings suddenly no longer seem out of the ordinary.

Brain : You're talking about the whole emotion manipulation thing, right Mari?

beauty : Of course I am! Nino, Kim, please tell me you've made some progress with the others.

muscles : Well, I brought Max, Markov, and Alix on board with the whole Lila is a Liar thing. Alix is ​​talking about it with Nath, Max brings Juleka and Rose into the fray, and Markov is breaking facts with Mylene and Ivan.

Brain : Well... I managed to convince Alya to cut the "Interviews with Lila" and delete the whole "Ladybug's Best Friend" video, but I had to do the whole "It's for Lila's safety"...

beauty : ... Damn, that means she STILL thinks Lila isn't a blatant liar.

muscles : I'm sorry you have to deal with this Nino.

Brain : Yes, Alya can be a little stubborn, but I'll make her think about a few things. It's slow, but progress is being made.

beauty : At least you progress AND make her think before posting.

muscles : I still find it strange that Lila would look at Mari when her mood changed so quickly... Somehow Lila seemed to assume that Mari wouldn't be at school for some reason...

beauty : Kim, I think you might reconsider this...

Brain : Yeah man, Lila might not get along with Mari because of the lies, but I doubt she would react to that extreme.

beauty : As much as I don't like Lila, I have to agree with Nino. She may be menstruating and have sudden cramps. She probably lied because she didn't want us to think she was in pain.

muscles : Oh, I didn't think of that!

Brain : Well, if that's the case, then his sudden mood swing might make a little bit of sense. And why she did that lie to make us look away from her.

beauty : Yeah, it's the only thing I can think of that would make Lila take our attention away from her, which makes sense.

beauty : I got some cramps and believe me it's not fun or something you want to share with a lot of people. I'll mention to Alya that maybe she should take Lila to the infirmary if she keeps acting "weird".

Brain : Yeah, it might be a good idea if Alya does it and not you or us, tbh... I'm surprised you care if Lila has her period?

beauty : Hey! I may not like them, but I won't be one of those people who purposefully makes someone feel worse at that time of the month when the body is a mess of hormones and has practically turned on you! That's enough at this point, tyvm.

muscles : Good point.

Brain : Very correct.

}{ Ms. Bustiers }{

Marinette put her phone in her pocket before leaning over to Alya and whispering her latest theory about Lila but making sure she was telling her like a girl and not wanting to get along with her. The girl with the ombré hair was a little confused, but when she thought about it, it made sense. Alya nodded as she whispered back yes.

Lila seethed a little as she thought, 'I'm glad I saved a printout of this demon summoning circle, but that means I have to get another dove to sacrifice. Thank God they are stupid.

~}i{ Zurück in der Hölle. In The Ring of Wrath, with Satan in his office }i{~

Back in his demonic form, Satan popped one of the cookies into his mouth before placing his treats in an underground space to keep them safe and ready to eat whenever he wanted. Chewing, he sat back in his bone chair and walked over to his desk, which appeared to have a malevolent dragon motif, and placed the blood crystal on the table. Time to catch up on the paperwork needed to run a section of Hell.

“My Lord, how was your journey to the mortal world?” asked one of Satan's servants as they entered the office.

Satan gulped the food in his mouth before saying while looking at the paperwork on his desk, "The whole Blood Wrath contract was an absolute joke and annoyance, but the job was done as far as pay allowed, and I found a delightful little restaurant that I plan to return to if called to the area again.

"Oh, looks like it went well," the footman stated.

Satan sighed as he said, "Well, the evil outweighs the good in this matter. Why are you using such a ridiculous form?" The Lord of Wrath looked up to see the minion taking on the form that looked like a stereotypical demon from old human horror movies.

The footman glanced at his form before saying, "I... lost a bet with some friends... That 'look' was part of the losing terms..."

Satan raised an eyebrow at this, but wasn't too surprised. He just sighed before tossing the blood crystal to the minion as he said, "Put this in 'disbursement' while I go through this to make sure everything runs smoothly while I'm gone."

The servant took the blood crystal easily enough before looking at it. They raised an eyebrow and asked, "Er, my lord, where's the rest of the payment on that 'weird' Blood Wrath contract?" By now there wasn't a being in Hell who hadn't heard of the Blood Wrath contract that Lord Asmodeus was summoned to, so the Lord of Wrath wasn't too surprised by the question.

Satan crossed his arms as he sneered, "That IS the full payment of the 'weird' Blood Wrath contract. Not only did the Idiot Summoner not pay the necessary minimum, but he spilled the blood in the circle BEFORE the summoning. Because of that, Asmodeus couldn't refuse the damn useless contract."

The servant raises an eyebrow with a "What the hell?"

Satan scoffed when he said, "Same, not just for non-payment..." Then he propped an elbow on the table and rested his chin in the palm of his hand. He recalled what he had learned before discovering that his target was the titular Tikki.

"My lord? What else is bothering you?", asked the footman, somewhat puzzled by the behavior of the Lord of Wrath.

Satan shrugged his shoulders as he said, "There was nothing about the objective I had for that stupid Blood Wrath Contract that would have made anyone hate them as much as that idiotic summoner did. I didn't feel any anger towards the others around the target, nor even those who had the same romantic interest didn't feel angry with her... So it worried me that the idiotic summoner wanted so many angry things to happen to someone like that..."

The footman was a little taken aback by this admission as they left. "How... strange that this is happening... Maybe something happened in the past?"

Satan leaned back in his chair as he said, "Maybe... I honestly shouldn't care about this, but... *sigh* Maybe I should come back later in the week just to see if anything has changed or whatever." So he dismissed the footman to resume his duties. The footman bowed before leaving. Satan leaned back so far in his chair that he could see the ceiling of his office as he squinted, thinking, “Are you involved? ... No, I doubt you of all people would allow something like this to happen to another of Tikki's guardians... But implicating me and Ozzie with Plagg and Tikki's current guardians? You have something planned, I know that.” Then he straightened in his chair as he began to sift through the papers.

Maybe Satan could send one of his subordinates who was relatively "good" with Tikki to keep an eye on Marinette... Just in case.


(Video) The Book Of Revelation - ESV



  1. Think what you will with your interpretation of Asmodeus. Mine is that they are willing to do all sorts of lustful things, but they value consent a lot and do those things with nice adults! I don't think the Lord of Lust would ever touch someone too young to know what "sex" is or force himself on a reluctant partner! Also, Asmodeus' domain is lust and not all lust is sexual, so they would be interested in things that are "desirable"; Technology, fashion, cooking and art are desirable things! Then Asmodeus would be interested in them!



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