What is SIM network unlock PIN? Get it for free in 2023 (2023)

Is your phone locked with a carrier lock? The problem with carrier lock is that you cannot choose any other carrier's network to connect to.

This is intentional and saves customers from signing up for a contract and then going to a different carrier, but there are ways around the block.

In this guide, we'll explain everything you need to know about SIM network unlock PINs and how to unlock your own phone from a carrier.

  • Part 1. SIM Network Unlock PIN 101
  • Part 2. How to Get a Free Unlock PIN(Up to 7 days)
  • Part 3. The Fastest Way to Get Unlock PIN(within 6 hours)What is SIM network unlock PIN? Get it for free in 2023 (1)
  • Part 4. What to do when device or SIM network PIN is blocked?
  • Part 5. PIN/Unlock Code FAQ

Part 1. What is SIM Network Unlock PIN/Code?

SIM network lock does not affect the SIM card, it locks the phone. Basically, when you buy a new phone from a carrier, they add a lock to it. Adding this type of lock means the phone cannot connect to another carrier's network, only the original carrier.

These are the different words in the pop-up messages your phone uses when you insert an incompatible SIM card:

  • network unlock code
  • SIM network unlock PIN
  • network control switch
  • SIM code PUK
  • master unlock code
  • SIM network PIN locked
  • red safety pin

To remove this lock and allow your phone to connect to any other carrier, you need to get a SIM Network Unlock PIN.

SIM Network Unlock PIN (NUP) is a code (usually 8 or 16 digits) used to unlock an Android phone from its original carrier so that it can be used on other carriers.

The SIM Network Unlock PIN is unique for each phone as it is calculated based on the IMEI number.

There are several ways to do this that we'll explain later in this guide so you can remove a carrier lock on your own device.

Part 2. How to get a Free SIM Network Unlock PIN/Code?

So what can you do to get an unlock PIN? The easiest option is to simply contact your current provider and ask for help. Most of the time they will help you with no problem, but be aware that they may charge a fee for this service.

Requirements for an unlock code

The requirements you must meet to unlock are:

  • The device you are unlocking must not be blacklisted (you can verify this with our100% Accurate IMEI Checker!)
  • You must have the device connected to your carrier for a minimum period that differs depending on your carrier
  • You must have paid your phone contract in full and have no outstanding payments

Example: Get AT&T SIM Network Unlock Code

Once you're sure you meet each of these requirements, you can go ahead and follow the brief step-by-step guide below.

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Step 1. Contact your carrier's support team and ask for an unlock code. For AT&T, here we call 800.331.0500

step 2. You may be asked to prove that you own the device you are unlocking, so please provide all requested information.

Step 3. Upon proof of ownership, your SIM Network Unlock PIN request will be sent. It can take up to a week to receive the PIN.

Stage 4. Upon receiving the PIN, turn off the phone and remove the old SIM card.

Step 5. Insert your new provider's SIM card and turn your phone back on.

Step 6. Once the phone is charged and the SIM card is detected, you will be asked to enter the unlock code to continue.

Steps may differ for various carriers. We have listed some of the most popular carriers for you to get SIM Network Unlock PIN:

  • EE/orange:https://www.wipelock.com/sim-lock/unlock-ee-orange-phone/
  • O2:https://www.wipelock.com/sim-lock/o2-phone-unlock/
  • Vodafone:https://www.wipelock.com/sim-lock/vodafone-unlock/
  • Subway PCS:https://www.wipelock.com/sim-lock/unlock-metropcs-phone/
  • increase mobile:https://www.wipelock.com/sim-lock/unlock-boost-mobile/
  • TracFone:https://www.wipelock.com/sim-lock/tracfone-unlock/
  • Grillo:https://www.wipelock.com/sim-lock/unlock-cricket-phone/
  • Campana:https://www.wipelock.com/sim-lock/unlock-bell-phone/
  • Rogers:https://www.wipelock.com/sim-lock/unlock-rogers-phone/
  • Mobile T:https://www.wipelock.com/sim-lock/unlock-tmobile-phone/
  • Virgin cell phone:https://www.wipelock.com/sim-lock/unlock-virgin-mobile-phone/
  • simple cell phone:https://www.wipelock.com/sim-lock/unlock-simple-mobile-phone/
  • US cell phone:https://www.wipelock.com/sim-lock/unlock-us-mobile-phone/
  • Celular Xfinity:https://www.wipelock.com/sim-lock/unlock-xfinity-mobile-phone/
  • FreedomPop:https://www.wipelock.com/sim-lock/freedompop-sim-network-unlock-pin/

That is all. As we mentioned, getting a SIM network unlock code from your provider can take some time (up to 7 working days), but once you receive it, you're good to go. However, if you want to get an unlocked phone faster, there is another way.

Part 3. What if you can't get SIM network unlock PIN or it doesn't work?

If for some reason you can't get an unlock code, the code doesn't work, or you just want to process the unlock faster, try an unlock service. This is by far the most effective approach you can take, almost guaranteeing that the unlock will be successful.

Best unlocking service: DirectUnlocks (within 6 hours)

Our preferred carrier unlock service isdirect unlock, a reputable and well-known site that has never let us down. All you have to do is provide some information about your phone and this professional team will take care of everything for you.

  • Unlock iPhone and Android phones (Samsung, Huawei, LG, HTC, Vodafone, Google, etc.) from their operators
  • Phones connected to almost any carrier can be unlocked
  • After unlocking your phone with DirectUnlocks, your device will not lock again
  • Your SIM Network Unlock Code will be sent within 6 hours

How we test this service

To give our readers a better understanding of our testing process and better understand why we recommend DirectUnlocks, here's how we tested it:

  • We request unlocks for several iPhones and Android smartphones
  • The devices we unlocked were connected to different carriers.
  • We consider the price of the service and how quickly it was unlocked
  • We looked at comments left about DirectUnlocks on certain review sites
  • We reached out to customer support for advice on the unlocking process.

Overall, they checked all the boxes we were looking for. All devices successfully unlocked and were able to connect to the carriers of our choice, service was provided quickly and inexpensively, and the customer support was extremely helpful.

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There are many advantages to using DirectUnlocks, but most of all it offers a quick and easy service that nowhere else does.

To continue unlocking using the DirectUnlocks service, follow these steps.

Step 1. Use an internet browser to access theDirectUnlocks website.

step 2. Find your phone's IMEI number by dialing *#06#

What is SIM network unlock PIN? Get it for free in 2023 (3)

Step 3. Confirm your carrier and enter your device's IMEI number (click "Unlock to any SIM card" to continue).

What is SIM network unlock PIN? Get it for free in 2023 (4)

Stage 4. Then enter the requested personal data and then you will need to enter your payment information.

What is SIM network unlock PIN? Get it for free in 2023 (5)

Step 5. Once your payment has been submitted, the order will begin processing and you will be notified once the unlock code has been sent.

What is SIM network unlock PIN? Get it for free in 2023 (6)

Now, open your device and enter the unlock code to unlock your device!

What is SIM network unlock PIN? Get it for free in 2023 (7)

As you can see, this is as easy as it looks. Fill in a form with your device details, submit your payment and within hours you will be able to connect your phone to the carrier of your choice without the limits you are currently experiencing!

Part 4. What to do when SIM network PIN is blocked or device is locked?

So what to do if the network unlock code doesn't work? You may see the following two messages after entering the code:

(Video) Network Unlock Samsung Galaxy by Code – Unlock Samsung SIM Network Unlock Pin

  • Network PIN blocked SIM. Enter the SIM network PUK
  • The device is locked. Enter master unlock code

What is SIM network unlock PIN? Get it for free in 2023 (8)

How to fix “SIM network PIN blocked. Enter SIM Network PUK”?

When you see this error message, it means that your device was caused by too many incorrect attempts (you entered wrong unlock code too many times). What you need to enter is the SIM Network Unlock PIN provided by your old carrier after following the steps in Part 2.

Step 1. In this case, you will have to enter themaster control key(known as an unfreeze code) to unfreeze your device first. The Master Control Key can also be provided by the previous operator. So don't hesitate to contact them again.

step 2. After receiving the carrier's master control key, enter it. You will see a "Network Unlock Failed" error message. Don't worry, it means your device is "unfrozen".

Step 3. Then you only need to input the original SIM network unlock PIN, activation will be successful!

How to fix ”The device is locked. Please enter master unlock code”?

This error message is common when trying to unlock a Samsung phone (it can also happen on other brands of devices). It's easy to fix, here is the verified solution:

Step 1. First, you will need to call your phone brand to order one.master unlock code. For example, if it's a Samsung Galaxy S10, you need to contact Samsung support.

step 2. Tell them the situation and they will send you a master unlock code for free.

Step 3. Once you get the code, enter it. After accepting the code, enter the original SIM network unlock PIN.

That is all! If you have any other issues using an unlock code, feel free to leave a comment below. We offer verified solutions for free!

Part 5. SIM Network Unlock PIN FAQ You Should Never Lose

We have listed some of the most frequently asked questions for your reference. If there is any problem, please feel free to let us know.

Q1. Does “SIM network PIN” mean “SIM card PIN”?

The short answer is no, this is not a SIM card PIN. A SIM card PIN is different and is used whenever a SIM lock is active.

With an active SIM lock, if the SIM card is inserted into a different cell phone, none of its convenient features will be usable; You will not be able to make phone calls or send text messages.

The SIM PIN is the code entered to remove the SIM card lock and make the SIM card usable again.

Q2. Why does my phone ask for a PIN/SIM network unlock code?

If you're looking at your phone right now, it will ask for the unlock PIN ("Invalid SIM card, blocked network SIM card inserted"), there's a good reason for that.

(Video) How To Get Sim Network Unlock Pin Code for Free 2020 Method

Typically, this is a simple firmware issue that occurs when you install an update or perform a factory reset.

Fixing it can be as simple as restarting your phone, but if the problem persists, you will need to obtain and enter an unlock PIN to get rid of the message and be able to use all the features again.

Q3. Where can I download SIM network unlock PIN software?

I regret to inform you that there is no such unlock code generator. But we'll talk about how you can get a free unlock pin below.

Q4. Why should I unlock my phone?

One question we constantly see readers ask is why they should unlock their phone, and there are several reasons why we suggest you unlock your phone:

  • You can connect your phone to any other carrier, not just the original one.
  • You will be able to choose from a wider range of contracts, not just from one carrier
  • If you bought a used phone, unlocking it will allow you to put your own SIM card

Q5. What does unlocking do and what doesn't it do?

There can be some confusion about what SIM network unlock means and the truth is that all it does is allow you to connect to any supported carrier.

What makes a network compliant? Depending on the original carrier, your phone will be on a GSM or CDMA network.

After unlocking your phone, you can only connect to networks of the same category; it is impossible to connect a GSM device to a carrier with a CDMA network.

Q6. What is network unlock code for samsung?

Network Unlock Code (NUC) for Samsung can be used to unlock your Samsung so you can switch to another network operator. It is an 8-digit code if your Samsung phone is produced before 2019.

For Samsung phones produced after 2019, the NUC for Samsung is 16 digits.

Q7. What is AT&T SIM Unlock Code?

AT&T SIM Unlock Code is a code that can be used to unlock your AT&T SIM card. You cannot unlock your iPhone carrier.

The default ATT SIM unlock code is "1111". If the default code does not work, you must purchase a new one by contacting your service provider.

Q8. How many digits is the AT&T network unlock code?

The AT&T network unlock code is 8 digits long. Enter the code to unlock your iPhone ATT for another carrier.

Q9. What is the difference between 8-digit and 16-digit network unlock code?

A 16-digit network unlock code is typically used to unlock newer devices, while an 8-digit network unlock code is for older devices. However, it's worth noting that specific usage and unlock code requirements may vary by carrier and device.


SIM network unlock PINs are very useful and now that we have covered them in this detailed guide, there should be no confusion about what they are and how they work.

Hopefully now you can get a PIN to unlock your phone, but if not then the best thing you can do is place an order withdirect unlockand let the professionals handle it for you. These trained specialists know exactly what to do and we guarantee they provide top notch service!

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